What is Wobe?

Providing income to anyone who needs one

Wobe is an innovative approach to financial inclusion. Our award-winning mobile app puts the power of self-employment in the hands of anyone in Indonesia with an Android phone. We work closely within communities and with community partners to roll out Wobe to the people who need it most.

About Wobe

Wobe is a fintech startup based in Jakarta, Indonesia, where we have been building solutions for the communities around us for more than a year now. We are a group of technological, community and financial specialists brought together by a love for Indonesia. We believe in local solutions for global issues, and here you’ll find our razor focus on Indonesia helps us do this one thing well: be effective and successful in Indonesia.

In 2015, we graduated Ideabox accelerator as top of our class out of 7 startups, picking up several international awards along the way. Now, we are taking our vision to all of Indonesia.

How Wobe Works

Wobe provides income-generating opportunities to anyone in Indonesia. We do this by giving anyone with a smartphone easy access to the selling of prepaid phone airtimes, known locally as pulsa. We are Android-first.

We partner with community and commercial partners like co-ops, micro-finance and non-profits as well as roll out own launch events in order to reach places and women outside of Jakarta.

Anyone with an Android smartphone can download Wobe app

Screenshot 1

After signing up with their Facebook account, they can start selling phone airtime right away.

Screenshot 2

Phone airtime is delivered over the air to the recipient, Wobe agent collects cash as payment.

Screenshot 4


  1. What is Wobe?
  2. Why should I use Wobe?
  3. What do I need to start using Wobe?
  4. Is Wobe only for women?
  5. How do I use Wobe?
  6. Where do I download Wobe?
  7. How much do I need to deposit to start?
  8. How do I deposit saldo?
  9. Is phone airtime the only product I can sell?
  10. How else can I work with Wobe?

What is Wobe?

Wobe is a mobile application that lets anybody with an Android smartphone start a small business by selling phone airtime and later, other digital products.

Why should I use Wobe?

Wobe is user-friendly and reliable. It is an easy way to make some extra income for you and your family. By selling products that are in high demand, such as phone airtime, you can start a small business to provide more for your loved ones.

What do I need to start using Wobe?

All you need is a modern smartphone running Android 4.3+. You should also have an internet connection, preferably through your sim card. You also need an Indonesian phone number and a Facebook account.

Is Wobe only for women?

If you’ve seen some of the information about Wobe that we are only for women, Wobe is for everyone — including men. In earlier versions, we tested with women across Indonesia and we will continue to work with organizations to provide additional functionality to them.

Anybody can use Wobe, and we welcome you onboard.

How do I use Wobe?

To use Wobe, download our app from the Play Store (only available in Indonesia).

Sign up with your Facebook account.

Deposit some saldo (account balance) by sending a transfer to Wobe’s BCA bank account, then tapping Top-Up and entering your name and amount. We will verify your deposit within 2 hours. (After 9PM, the next business day.)

To start selling, simply enter the phone number of the person who you are selling airtime to, or tap their name in your phone book in the Sell screen. Their operator should popup. Tap on the amount you want to sell.

Profit! (Collect cash from the person you just sent phone airtime to. You can set your sell price at any amount but we recommend that you keep it close to street price, e.g. Rp 12 000 for Rp 10 000.)

Where do I download Wobe?

You can download our app by going to the Play Store (Indonesia-only).

How much do I need to deposit to start?

You can deposit any amount you wish, but we recommend that you start with Rp 50 000. Maximum topup is Rp 1, 000, 000 (satu juta rupiah)

How do I deposit “saldo”?

  1. Open the Wobe app on your phone
  2. Select “Top-up” on the menu
  3. Transer any amount you wish to Wobe’s BCA bank account (other accounts on the way)
  4. Enter your name and amount transferred
  5. Wait for verification (within 2 hours)
  6. If you have any problem, simply contact us by tapping the question mark on the top right of the app to speak with our help desk

Is phone airtime the only product I can sell?

At the moment, yes.

We have more exciting digital products to help you earn more, to be unveiled shortly. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to get the latest updates!

How else can I work with Wobe?

We are hiring widely across Indonesia. Please visit our careers page to find out more about current job openings.